Survey and Measurement using Avatar and Robotic Technology (SMART)

Recent advances in interactive technologies, such as humanoid robotic systems and computer avatars have emerged within healthcare and education settings. Interactive technologies have seen widespread use as teaching technology platforms, for the administration of patient-reported outcomes (PROs), as well as training, care and opportunities for social interaction.

Physiological sensor data from examinees will be meshed with the real-time video and environmental data from the home assistant hub and cross referenced with the testing database to adaptively administer PROs. In this project, a remote web-based user interface will be provided to communicate with a humanoid robot with respect to the same PROs.

Overall, our approach has broader impacts comparing to advance PRO research, because many populations often left out of survey research. Individuals that lack the social, behavioral, or cognitive skills to respond with traditional technologies are often underrepresented in survey research. These groups include but are not limited to individuals with low reading ability due to age, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and patients with traumatic brain injury. The overall objective of our project is to create and support a scalable data platform and data science based analytics that support PRO assessment in order to improve robotic survey methodology.